TOG Rating

What is a TOG rating? 

TOG rating is a European measure of warmth or the thermal resistance of a product.

Many baby sleeping products use the TOG rating to provide a guide on how warm the sleeping bag is and what season they are suitable for. There are lots of contributing factors which will influence the TOG rating required in a baby bedding such as the nursery temperature, the amount of clothes the baby is wearing and the child's individual cold and hot threshold levels.

Is the inbetweenie™ TOG rated?

The Original Muslin inbetweenie™ is not TOG rated as it has a wide temperature range and can be used for most of the year, in nurseries 18-25 degrees.

The Extra Light inbetweenie™ is rated 0.2 TOG, making it the lightest baby sleeping bag available, perfect for warmer summer nights. 

The warmth provided by the inbetweenie™ will depend heavily on what clothing the baby is dressed in underneath the sleeping sack. You can make the sleep sack warmer by adding another layer of clothing, for example a merino wool bodysuit.

For more information on what to dress your baby in underneath each inbetweenie™ please visit our Nursery Temperatures and Clothing Guide.