We love hearing from parents about how their babies are enjoying their inbetweenie sleep sacks. Feel free to send us a note or photo at hello@girlandboyco.com.

"My 5 month old daughter loves her inbetweenie™ sleeping bags! She is all cosy but free to move at the same time, she calms down as soon as she gets zipped up as she know is it sleep time!" - Laura, Sydney, Australia

"My baby boy was swaddled from birth but since he has started to roll over we needed to find a new bedtime routine. I'm so pleased we found these sleeping bags as they keep him covered and snug but are fine for when he rolls over too!" - Andrina, Newcastle, Australia

"Thank you Kimberly and Jane for the lovely sleeping bag which arrived today, it's gorgeous. The white wash bag is such a nice touch. All the best." - Caroline, Napier, New Zealand

"My little baby boy Luke has just turned 3 months old and is quite the face scratcher in the night and really needs his hands covered up. This muslin sleeping bag keeps his hands covered so he can't dig those tiny nails in." - Amy, Sydney, Australia