Sleeping Tips

1. Safe Sleeping

Safe Sleeping Recommendations from SIDS and Kids:

2. Tips for Settling Newborn to 12 months

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3. Once Your Baby Can Roll

Once a baby has developed the ability to roll over on her own, typically around three months old, it is important that you stop swaddling or dressing her in tight swaddling suits. The reason for this is that if a baby rolls onto her front in a swaddle, she will not be able to use her arms to push herself back up again and may suffocate. Each baby is unique and while some babies may prefer to be swaddled for longer, it is imperative that you ensure your baby is safe when sleeping.

4. Sleep Regression

At around the age of 4 months babies will undergo a change in sleeping patterns. It can also happen as early as 3 months or later at 5. They may also experience a regression again at 6, 9 or 12 months. At these times, a permanent change happens in the child's brain, which results in an infant who had been sleeping well in mostly deep sleeps, suddenly begin waking frequently and sleeping in short, light cycles. This is a normal milestone for babies to experience, however can be extremely frustrating for parents.

The suggested ways to tackle this phase include:

One of the ways we believe parents can assist their babies to sleep through the night again is by introducing the fully enclosed, inbetweenie™, which will keep the child cosy and covered throughout the night, among many other benefits.

Visit the Healthline website for more information on sleep regression.