Nursery Temperatures and Clothing Guide

Below is our nursery temperature guideline for the amount of clothing your baby should wear underneath our sleeping bags. Like adults, all babies are different so these recommendations are guidelines only.

In accordance with SIDS and KIDS guidelines, if additional warmth is needed we suggest you dress baby in layers of clothing within the sleep sack, but make sure this is appropriate to room temperature (i.e. dress baby as you would dress yourself). 

Please check your baby at regular intervals to ensure they will not overheat.

Nursery Temperature  Original Muslin inbetweenie™ Extra Light inbetweenie™
26 °C and over Short sleeved bodysuit or singlet and nappies
24 °C Short sleeved bodysuit Short sleeved body suit
22 °C Long sleeved pyjamas
20 °C Long sleeved bodysuit, singlet and long sleeved pyjamas
18 °C Long sleeved pyjamas and a merino wool long sleeved top