About Us

Girl + Boy is a new Australian and New Zealand company which aims to provide beautiful, essential baby items, focused on simplicity and quality.

 Look out for the Lambington Lamb logo across the Girl + Boy range of baby products.

Girl + Boy is owned by Jane Sundstrum, mother of two children, who was determined to fill a necessary void in the market. 

"The inbetweenie™ baby sleeping bag is the first product under my brand Girl + Boy. 

As a mother, I understand the many challenges and concerns of dressing your baby safely and comfortably for sleep times, particularly through the first year.

The idea for the inbetweenie™ was borne from my own experience with my first child Claudia. From very early on, Claudia did not like being swaddled or wrapped. The only non-swaddling options for dressing her at bedtime left her hands and neck exposed and she often woke up crying and cold. I knew from friends that this was also an issue for babies in swaddle transition products or even sleeping bags.

There seemed to be lots of variations of tight swaddle suits or “arms-free” sleeping bags on the market, but nothing in-between.

 By the time my second child Henry was born there was a new focus on the risks of incorrectly swaddling babies and also of its link to increases in cases of infant hip dysplasia. When new medical research came out linking swaddling with infant hip dysplasia I was surprised that there still hadn't been any innovation in the alternatives to swaddling.

 I soon set about designing the inbetweenie™ - a beautiful, uncomplicated sleeping bag that young babies will sleep peacefully in, but without the constraints or risks of a tight swaddle.

I wish you and your baby the sweetest of dreams.


Jane x
Founder of Girl + Boy