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What Parents Are Saying...

What Parents Are Saying...

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We have had some really wonderful feedback already and just wanted to share some of the things parents are saying about our unique inbetweenie™ sleep sacks. We love hearing from our happy customers! 

"It's such a goodie! He sleeps in it every night and loves sucking his hands through it."
- Tracey, Auckland, New Zealand (pictured above and below)


"Ryder is very snug and warm and sleeps so well in his bag, from the very first night.”
- Sharna, Sydney, Australia (pictured below)

"My 5 month old daughter loves her inbetweenie™ sleeping bags! She is all cosy but free to move at the same time, she calms down as soon as she gets zipped up as she know is it sleep time!"
- Laura, Sydney, Australia
"Thank you Kimberly and Jane for the lovely sleeping bag which arrived today, it's gorgeous. The white wash bag is such a nice touch. All the best."
- Caroline, Napier, New Zealand


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