Girl + Boy

Welcome to Girl + Boy

Welcome to Girl + Boy

I am so excited to be writing this first blog post! What a fantastic response we have had to the launch of our brand Girl + Boy last week and we would like to say a huge thank you to our kind friends and family for their words of support and for sharing our website and social media sites with their own networks. It means so much!  

Our business launch has been over two years in the making, with countless hours spent perfecting our inbetweenie™ sleeping bags, such as getting the design just right and which we did with the help of industry experts such as a garment technologist and seamstress, to ensuring the fabric was of the highest quality, through to choosing the perfect supplier, whom we would meet with face to face. 

When I first began thinking about starting up a business of my own, I delved into things which had really mattered to me over the past few years and since having my two kids. Becoming a new mother is such a special time however it can also be overwhelming with so many little challenges over that first year. I thought what a gift it would be to be able to help other mothers in some way.

When my first child Claudia was born, right from the beginning she didn't like being swaddled or wrapped. But the only options I could find for dressing her in to sleep were those really tight swaddle suits or the style of sleeping bags which meant her hands and neck were exposed and she often woke up crying and cold. And so the seed for the business was borne!

While I had begun designing this unique baby bedding solution, my friend Kimberly's infant daughter was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. As new research appeared about the link between hip dysplasia and incorrect swaddling, it seemed a sign that the time was right for something new on the market. Kimberly was a natural business partner for my idea, and we soon teamed up to bring you what you see today... the new, very unique inbetweenie™ sleeping bags.

I so hope that this simple and beautiful solution brings your baby comfort, and a peaceful sleep for you both.

Jane xx
(The photo here is of me and Vivienne, one of our gorgeous baby models.)

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