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How The Change in Season Can Affect Baby Body Temperature

How The Change in Season Can Affect Baby Body Temperature

Parents have an uncanny ability to worry about their babies all year round. In summer it is the worry of overheating and bugs in their room. In winter it is the fear that they will be too cold. Should you take a blanket off, should you put one on, and how can you really tell if your baby is warm enough? And what do you do about the changing seasons? Maintaining the right baby body temperature feels like a bit of a parenting minefield.

Don't panic, this blog should help you feel more confident about keeping your baby warm (but not too warm) at sleeptime. Let's explore…


How The Change in Season Can Affect Baby Body Temperature

With the change in season comes cooler temperatures and the worry of your baby getting cold while they sleep. You probably have lots of questions about this topic, so I will answer as many as I can now...


It’s Cold, Should I Turn On A Heater?

This might surprise you, but the ideal temperature for your baby’s room is 18-20°C. So you should only use a heater to take the chill off the air and not to warm the room too much. While the temperature might feel a bit chilly for you it is perfect for your baby.


What type of bedding should I use?

Baby’s cannot regulate their own temperature in the early months, so we would definitely recommend using bedding that is made from natural fibres like cotton, muslin, or merino. Fabrics like fleece or polyester can cause sweating. The sweat then cools and makes your baby cold.

The type of bedding is completely up to you. We of course would recommend the inbetweenie sleep sack from 3 months to 1 year as it is a complete sleep solution. Not only is it fully enclosed to seal in the warmth, but it is made from breathable muslin, allows your baby to move their arms about and supports the healthy growth of their hips. It is also a great transition step for babies who are used to being swaddled.

If your baby is still being swaddled then I recommend light layers of blankets that can be safely tucked in. Our brand new merino blanket is perfect for the job, and it will be available just in time for the cold weather….


How Much Bedding Does My Baby Need?

This question relies on how cold the room is and also your baby’s body temperature. The first thing to check is how warm you are feeling yourself, if you need to put on another layer then chances are, your baby will need another layer too.

To check your baby’s body temperature, feel their chest or ears as a good indicator of how warm they are. If they feel cold to the touch then they need some extra warmth. But if they are red in the face and sweaty, then they are too warm and need to lose a layer. Don’t rely on the temperature of their hands or feet as their circulation system is not yet mature enough to regulate the extremities.

Rather than adding one thick blanket, try several lighter ones so that it is easy to add or takeaway layers. The same goes with layers of clothing under a sleep sack.


What Should My Baby Wear To Bed?

Again, layers are the key here. If you are using the inbetweenie then it is recommended to dress your baby in layers of clothing within the sleep sack in accordance to SIDs guidelines. A long sleeved cotton or merino bodysuit is a great start as both fabrics are breathable and help to regulate temperature. You may also choose to add pyjamas in colder temperatures.

Just like adults, babies are all different. Some will feel the cold more than others. We suggest regularly checking the temperature of your baby to ensure they are not too hot and not too cold. The inbetweenie is designed to be a blanket replacement, but if the temperature is particularly chilly you can add a blanket over the top.

If you need to add a blanket then choose one made from natural fibres like our merino blanket. Also, ensure that your baby is safe by positioning their feet at the bottom of the cot and tucking the blanket in so that there are no loose covers.


Hopefully this has helped answer some of your questions about keeping your baby’s body temperature at the right level and making sure they are warm in their bed with the changing seasons. If you want to know more about our inbetweenie sleep sack then you can check out the information here. []

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