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Girl + Boy is Proudly Supporting Healthy Hips Week 2017

Girl + Boy is Proudly Supporting Healthy Hips Week 2017

Girl + Boy is excited to announce we are partnering with Healthy Hips Australia for the Healthy Hips Week 2017: 23-29 April. We are offering 10% off site-wide and will be donating 10% of all sales that week to the charity. 

Healthy Hips Australia is a national health promotion charity working to improve awareness, support and early diagnosis for hip dysplasia in Australia.

Healthy Hips Week aims to bring together people from the hip dysplasia community, and beyond, to raise much needed funds to expand the support services and awareness campaigns of Healthy Hips Australia. 

This week has a special place in Girl + Boy's heart as Co-Owner Kimberly's daughter suffered from infant hip dysplasia, and this experience influenced the hip healthy design of our inbetweenie™ sleep sacks. You can read more about her daughter's story and treatment here

Girl + Boy's unique muslin sleep sacks have been designed as a hip healthy, swaddle alternative, for all babies up to one year old. They can also be used by babies undergoing treatment for hip dysplasia as will fit over the Pavlik harness and Rhino brace. 
Based on the simple concept of a safe, soft boundary, the inbetweenie™ helps babies to sleep peacefully without the constraints or risks of a traditional swaddle or danger of loose blankets. 

The inbetweenie™ range comes in two weights: the Extra Light, which is TOG rated at 0.2 and ideal for hot summer nights over 25°C, and the Original Muslin which can be used for most of the year simply by adding or removing layers of your baby's clothing.

Sarah Twomey, Founder and Chairperson of Healthy Hips Australia and International Advisor to the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, explains that there are many benefits to swaddling during the first months of life, but wrapping babies too tightly could be doing more harm than good.

"It provides security and comfort and aides in settling and establishing sleep patterns. However, research indicates swaddling can increase the risk for infant hip dysplasia, also known as developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). DDH is a common childhood condition where the hip joint does not fit in the ‘normal’ position due to abnormal development and/or lack of growth of the joint’s ball and socket."

Sarah Twomey was impressed with the Girl + Boy inbetweenie™ design as it is in-keeping with her healthy hips tips. "When swaddling your baby, you should allow room around the hips for movement. The legs should be free to move into the natural frog position," she says. 

The promo code to receive 10% off site-wide is HEALTHYHIPS10.

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